Latest News

See our new publication in Nature Comm that shows for the first time the effect of a catalytic site inhibitor of IDE in vivo:

Deprez-Poulain, R., et al Nature Comm.,2015, 6. doi:10.1038/ncomms9250 OPEN ACCESS

Our project

The objective of the project is to obtain probes that will be suitably characterized to be useful to biologists for untangling the many roles of the cryptidase Insulin Degrading Enzyme in several biological systems. Our project will produce a set of compounds for the cell biology. Practically, this will take the form of:

  • An Insulin Degrading Enzyme multiplex assay,
  • 5-10 fully characterized potent probes from at least 2 chemical families at the 100-mg scale,
  • 100-200 analogues resulting from the design and optimization work and their phys-chem properties,
  • A map of structure-hydrolytic profile,

to create an unprecedented class of chemical tools for chemical biology of a yet unexplored protease family.